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Valle del Rao

Any time is good to visit the region of Navia, but without doubt it is better when the weather conditions are still mild and the town is most active. The possibilities on offer for visitors to get to know the natural riches, history and cultural heritage through hiking routes are numerous.

The route begins in Rio de Pé, the confluence of the rivers Navia and Rao. It is of medium difficulty, 24 km long and can be completed in approximately 9 hours. It takes you through a uniquely beautiful landscape of low to medium mountains. The old road, that up until the 1970s was the only means of communication for dozens of hamlets, takes you to the first of these hamlets, Envernallúas. There next to the hórreos (grain stores on stilts), balconies and the remains of pallozas ( traditional round thatched dwellings) you can breath in the magic and sadness of an abandoned village. In the valley you can find cortins, circular stone constructions that protect the beehives from bears entering and the ouriceiras, constructions within the chestnut groves where the chestnuts could be stored and protected from the wild boar.

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