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Penedo da Forca

Any time is good to visit the region of Navia, but without doubt it is better when the weather conditions are still mild and the town is most active. The possibilities on offer for visitors to get to know the natural riches, history and cultural heritage through hiking routes are numerous.

This route is 3.2 km and starts at the campo de la feria (market place) in A Pobra de Navia and takes one and a half hours to complete, it finishes back at the same place. This route takes you through beautiful countryside of oaks and chestnuts, it is especially lovely in autumn when the trees show off their autumnal colours. Along the route you can see hórreos (grain stores ) that remain from the 13th century church in the hamlet of Barcia. Along the route are several picnic tables and you go through the area reacreativa  (recreational area) of As Veigas.